- Added new Event called "Diablo", NPC "Diablo Statue" Lorencia 138 140
Soon more info about Event Diablo in forum! [Exclusive]
- Added new Events "Happy Hour Heart of Love", "Happy Hour Silver Medal",
"Happy Hour Gold Medal"
- Event Drop in Lorencia Drop - Angel of Guardian, Imp, Jewels,
Heart of Love, Silver Medal, Gold Medal
- Events Time rebuilded, now most Events is on everyday, not like before
- Setted Teleport Delay Time [4s]
- Setted Ice Arrow Delay Time [7s]
- Setted Sleep Delay Time [10s]
- Added Change Class System in User Panel
- Added Reset Stats in Character Panel (C)
- Heart of Love, Silver Medal, Gold Medal now drop items from +6 to max +9
- EXP in RR 7 changed from x50 to x35
- Jewel of Excellent fixed, now can add max 2 EXC options

Posted 17 / 01 / 2018


- From now Jewels can drop on all Maps!
- Selupan/Medusa only can drop SOCKET ITEMS
- Socket Items Removed drop from mobs in Raklion
- Mobs in Raklion now drop 380lvl Items!
- Selupan/Medusa now drops 1-3 Slots Socket Items non-exc
- Devil Square Spawn monster before Event Start fixed
- Now EXP is better in each maps from Kanturu - Raklion
- BC/DS/CC/Kalima EXP is setted to x1.5
- Jewel of Chaos, Bless, Soul, Life, Creation same % drop
- BC/CC/DS Jewels drop increased from mobs
- BC/CC/DS=2x Random Jewel
- BC8/DS7/CC7/SWAMP are now maps for Master EXP
- Death Beam Knight Spots changed to Tantallos Spots
- Respawn Time Monster 3rd Quest now is setted to 5 minutes
- Decreased Quest drop, now is hard to make Quests
- Elf Buffer changed to normal Shadow Phantom, added in Towns
- Jewel of Excellent now can make max 2 options EXC
- Archangel Staff Wizardy DMG fixed
- Moss Merchant fixed

Posted 17 / 01 / 2018


- Excellent Socket Drop fixed to 2-4 Slots

- After Prime Reset 10, rest Resets now fixed

- Eternal Wing Set for Summoner Socket, moved to Selupan/Medusa

- Evolved Mistery, Sacred, Light Plate added Smoke Effect

- Dark Master, Huricane Smoke Effect Fixed

- Phoenix Soul Items Excellent moved from BOK+5 to Erohim/Nightmare

- Dark Side Skill for Rage Fighter is now from 80 level!

- Custom Jewels fixed

Posted 16 / 01 / 2018


- Added Spots in Dungeon1, Dungeon3

- Added Spots in Stadium

- Level of Maps Kantur and below in (M), has changed to 200 level all

- Heart of Love Storm Crow drop remove

- Blood Castle, Devil Square, Castle Deep Event, now drop Jewels is fixed

- Crimson Glory can be equiped by Lord Emperor

- Dark Side Skill for Rage Fighter is now from 80 level

- White Wizard Event fixed

- Lighting Shock Perhament for Summoner removed from shop

- Imp, Guardian Angel now is removed from drop

- Lilium Stick (Eternal Wing Stick) added

- Queen Set Socket for Summoner added

- White Smoke Effect of Hades set added

- Added Spots in Swamp of Peace

- Double post of killing Hextech Chest fixed

- Added Invasion despawn message

- Kundun Event fixed

- Maya Event, increased dmg of Hands, and now Hands no drop items

- Drop BC,DS invitations scraps now can drop

We are coming...

Posted 09 / 01 / 2018

Join BETA today!

Posted 08 / 01 / 2018

Currently this is only one server.